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Export to any African Country


There is generally plenty of skepticism and mistrust around the function of buying and selling to any African countries, by companies or countries that have never dealt with any of them before. However, the problem is predominantly one of ignorance, naivety and lack of the where with all to get the job done!

With the world presently in an indifferent state due to the global meltdown and other variations of "tug-o-war" occurrences happening with political powers, the African continent lies in the "middle" and is essentially the final frontier, as far as multifaceted trading is concerned. Clearly I have a biased opinion on this, as I have seen many of these countries over the years and although there are a couple of no-no geographical areas, many offer good prospects for bi-lateral trade and these are the opportunities I would like to assist you with in your future trading quests!


Tips & Tricks of Trading

For the novice exporter, or those of you who are interested in international business and the way it works within the African continent, I have drafted a list of topics which you would largely need to adhere t